"M.W./ Portsmouth"

I am feeling better than I have felt in years. Dr Schaier assured me he could help me feel better and it worked. Dr.Schaier is one of the most caring doctors I have been to and I trusted him from the start. His office staff is also very kind and caring as well. A very positive environment.

"S.S./ Chespeske"

I was suffering from shooting lower back pain due to a fall. Throughout my treatment Dr.Schaier and his staff worked miracles with a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate staff.

"T.F./ Portsmouth"

I had ruptured two disc in my neck. Also had severe pain in my upper right arm and was suffering from numbness in my right hand and arm. I had lost 30-40% of muscle strength in my upper arm.I had seen a sports medicine specialist and a spine specialist who were unable to provide any relief. I was unable to physically do my job. In three months my numbness disappeared, I had no pain in my neck and within six months I was almost back to full strength. I would highly recommend Dr.Schaier to all of my family and friends.

"B.W./ Virginia Beach"

I have not felt this loose kind of springy, lite on my feet feeling in years. I recommended a lady a work with that has headaches to come to your office . I brag to everyone about your wonderful office.

"J.E./ Chespeske"

Condition improved by the thrid visit and remarkable results by the fifth

"J.A./ Chespeske"

After 2 months of treatment, I the feeling in my right hand back. Pain is almost gone. Feel great. My blood pressure also dropped-- was 140/90 for the last five years. My blood pressure now is a perfect 120/80. Thank you, Dr. Schaier !!!

"G.W./ Portsmouth"

I was suffering from lower back and hip pain. I had a bulging disc plus tingling in my feet and legs. It was hard to stand in one place to cook or walk without pain. After just a couple months the pain in my back and hip was lost and I now have almost no tingling in my feet and legs.

"H.R./ Portsmouth"

Most of mobility is back. The upper back pain is entirely gone.There is no numbness. My neck is more limber and the lower back seldom bothers me. I have my monthly adjustment so I can keep feeling years younger!!

"W.R./ Portsmouth"

I suffered from severe lower back pain. I was unable to bend at the waist and had difficulty walking. I had used the traditional treatments of aspirin, heat and ice. It was getting difficult to concentrate at work and I had great difficulty sleeping at night. After treatment the pain all but disappeared. I am exercising again and sleeping well.

"A.B./ Portsmouth"

When I came into Dr.Schaier's office I could not raise my left arm above my shoulder. One morning I had started to stretch and my left arm did not go up. I had been to other chiropractors and seen an orthopedic. I could not do anything with my left arm, I could not even zipper my clothes in the back. I am happy to say that I can now raise my left arm over my head, I can do my own hair, zip my clothes and a lot of other things that I could not do before. Thank you Dr.Schaier and your staff for being so caring.

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