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We chose to present these findings as preliminary data because the patient response to the laser therapy was so promising. Given that low-level laser therapy is non-invasive and has no reported side effects, it is a very low-risk treatment option for patients with small fiber neuropathy. Patients are reporting a decrease in their neuropathy symptoms and, in some cases, are regenerating the small fiber nerves in the epidermis.


          Author(s):  Kerry Zang, DPM, Janna Kroleski, DPM, Shahram Askari, DPM, and Sanford Kaner, DPM


69 subjects with chronic neuropathies showed that more than 90 percent of patients experienced greater than 50 percent relief following treatment.



Low Level Laser Therapy has been found to be a viable alternative to pain medications and other therapies in increasing the healing process without adverse effects.




Read  What  Professionals And Others Are Saying About Laser Treatment  For Neuropathy Sufferers:

Our Neuropathy Patients Speak!

I suffered from accelerated neuropathy....the pain was not only in my feet but sent electric shocks to my thighs. I saw 3 neurosurgeons and 2 General Practioners all of whom told me nothing could be done.Since starting treatment with Dr. Schaier the pain has stopped almost completely and I no longer walk with a cane. I highly recommend this program for anyone who suffers from changed my life!

                                                                                                              Bob Cannon


When I first started with Dr. Schaier I had pins and needles in my toes and feet, accompanied by back and leg pain.... It was so bad that the medication no longer helped. As of today I am 50-60 % improved and working at getting even better. I am able to walk, sleep and stay on my feet longer and for the first time in 6 months I can wear closed shoes again!


                                                                              Betty Cooper

 My feet used to burn night and day....the hurt never stopped. I used to rub them constantly. I spoke to my doctor about it but he never really did anything about it. Everything I read about neuropathy was happening to my feet and it was starting to go into my lower legs.Since starting care with Dr. Schaier 3 weeks ago most of the pain has seems to have stopped. I don't wake up at night anymore and they don't hurt like they used seems to have eased off an awful lot!


                                                                                                               Gaye Wallace


   The bottom of my left was tingling really, really bad....everyday. I had trouble sitting and had to keep moving. After 3 weeks of care with Dr. Schaier the toes are still a little numb but the tingling doesn't bother me at all and I have no trouble sitting any more.


                                                                                                                                                                                      J. Carter

I had tingling in my feet at night that would wake me up and keep me awake at night. Now I go straight to sleep and stay feet feel great....100% improvement!


                                                                                                            Nancy Davis









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